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"I tend to be cynical about a lot of things, but Maya Angelou is somebody that no matter how much I pick her apart, she still has integrity. She was a victim of incest and rape, and she worked as a stripper. And now she’s a literary icon and Nobel Laureate. It goes to show that life is cumulative, and you can’t devalue any type of experience."

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im too busy playing the sims to make videos. #realshit

grrl why are you on searching on youtube when there are many many beautiful black simblrs right here on tumblr?

forcoloredsims, kosmokhaos, differentstrokess, supremesims, infisim, mochasims, yayasimblr, jelly-nick, sincerelyasimblr, this-is-how-i-ignore-life. lesimsfashionista, simsaywhat, reckless-sims, chunkysims, sims3urbancc, curlysim, livingcolorsims, rihannasimty, simsgonebye, simyonce, lpvinyl21, simstaplease

…and those are just the few off the top of my head

anonymouslykrissy-sims, simplykitab, lucky8sims, simblrinalong, are some more. I can add more later lol

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I finished the Cape Garner coffee shop that I based on Blitzgal’s Starbucks lot (with interiors inspired by Caribou Coffee and Zx-ta’s art). I’m working on the building next door (on the same lot) - I think it’s going to be a combination record shop/music shop/live music venue. (I’ve decided that Cape Garner is a very musical town. :)

Great choices on the patterns and color scheme!  The colors are dead on.

Awww, I miss Caribou.  When I was an undergrad, I use to study at the one across from campus.  It had a lovely fireplace, which was great during a Minnesota winter, but bad when you’re resisting the urge to curl up and hibernate. 

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switching on your computer before you make yourself food so by the time you come back your computer is turned on and waiting for you like a naked lover

opening Sims 3 and clicking on your neighborhood, leave to eat, pee, and walk your dog, expecting to return to a fully loaded game, but instead find that you lover only managed to remove their shoes and a sock

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Things I’m doing instead of playing sims:

#32: Reading japanese manga.  

Seriously though, I’ve been on a manga binge.  So much so that it’s hard to read gifsets on tumblr.  I keep looking right to left instead of left to right.  Which is all the more annoying when you belong to fandoms that love to post gifsets.

Although, I am getting the urge to simmify some of my favorite characters.  So there’s that.  But my aversion to double clicking my ts3 shortcut is as strong as ever.  It reminds me of that time in 2010 when I went 9 months without playing my game.  AKA, The Aftermath of World Adventures.

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The Wadsworth Legacy: Previews

Yes to all of it.  Everything.  All the time.  Everyday.

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WCIF Reply

simlets reblogged this from peachysimsand added:

I looove this ♥ Could anyone tell me where I could find wall panels/wallpaper like the one used here? I like the pattern…

Hey simlets, glad you like it.   The pattern was made by Aaren and can be found on their simblr: here   The wallpaper came with Ambitions and can be found under “Paneling” 

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HELLO! new followers.

I’m still here, but I’m in major ghost mode.  Haven’t opened my game in a month….  I was so excited to start my legacy but I’ve grown bored with all my worlds…and I’ve downloaded a LOT of custom worlds over the years.  So, for now, I’m just biding my time till I feel like going in game.  

Even though I don’t feel like playing, I’m still lurking around looking for new content and ideas.  Some of you have probably seen me feverishly reblogging pics and content on my secondary ts3 resource page.  

If I randomly reblog/like 15 of your posts in the span of 10 minutes, I promise I’m not stalking you.


 I’m just always so inspired by this community.

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So I disappeared for about 2 weeks and came back to THIS:


And my immediate reaction was :


And because I’m not accustomed to being so visible on tumblr, my next reaction was:

(Thus this lengthy and slightly geeky thank you post) 

Hi to all the new followers.   I appreciate the hearts and reblogs!   I worked on that boat for days then completely burnt out and ran away from tumblr and all things sims.  It was nice to come back to this.  So…..THANKS!

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Another cause, why not, and she’s so preeteey